Rebecca Carol Condon | Personal

The other day my cousin Kathy gave birth to the first little girl in our family in over eighteen years! Rebecca "Becca" Carol Condon was born on October 5th 2011 weighing 8 pounds exactly and was 20 inches long. 

It was a sad and joyous day for our family, mainly joyous! Becca would have been the light of my aunt Sue's life if she were still here with us. My aunt was a truly amazing woman and it's a shame her time with us was so short - but she made a lasting impression on us all! She showed her family love, kindness and so much more, and hopefully little Miss Rebecca who takes her late Grandmother's name (Carol) will be just like her! I think she already is the spitting image of her look wise, she was born during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and weighed and measured exactly was my Aunt Sue did with she was born sixty years ago. It's amazing the things God does that make you stop and remember those you loved and see that pieces of them are still with you!