The Davidson Clan | Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia


Want to meet a fun family? Then you have to meet the Davidson family! Ryan and Christie have been such a blessing to Nick and I. Since joining GBC, or even sent our first visit, they have been nothing short of wlecoming and have been there whenever we needed them, and through all of that, have become amazing friends. So what better way to give back to this family, as they have given to us, than to help them out with some updated family photographs! It was a such a fun day wandering around Colonial Williamsburg with them. It's a place they frequent quite a bit as a family, and it was neat seeing them point out spots that mean this and that to them. Did I mention I love their kiddos? They are the perfect blend of polite and crazy, and are a trip to be around! They all are, and these pictures clearly show their crazy personalities! Take a look for yourself!