Doug and Zatha Say I Do | Personal


2012 is a good year for the Franks' family! Nick and I get married in August, Thad and Eliz's third child is due in November, and Aunt Zatha just married Dougy Doug! It was a great day! Friends and family gathered at Amy's house in Williamsburg where Doug and Zatha said their "I Do's". Zatha had asked if I would capture some pictures of the day, so of course I said yes! We're all excited for Zatha. This is a woman who has dealt with quite a few health blows in the past and recently, and since Doug has came into her life, she has been a new woman. One full of love and life and they have just been having the time of their lives! (The only downside, Doug has now converted her into a Yankees fan - BOO!)

Here are some pictures from their big day!