The Davidson Family | Hampton Roads, Virginia


Earlier this month I ventured over to Fort Monroe to meet up with my cousin Chris, his wife Melissa, their two kiddos Maddi and Ryan, as well as Melissa's brother and sister, Jonathan and Ashley. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side that day - rain, rain and even more rain! So we had to settle for an indoor session and make the best of it. But that's ok - - have you seen the homes on Fort Monroe? They are gorgeous, so rich in history, absolutely amazing!

Right before Christmas we did another session, along with Melissa's Dad and cousin over at the Lion's Bridge in Newport News. The weather was gorgeous!! No rain, nothing but sunlight - and extremely hot for a couple days before Christmas! Good thing they were all good at pretending it wasn't as warm as it really was (we're talking summer weather!).

So here are a few pictures from both sessions!