Alabama | Personal

This past Friday, Lauren, Christie, Lydi and I packed up and headed down to Alabama. We got to celebrate sweet Kaylee a little early with Lauren's Alabammy friends and family and most importantly, I got to bring my adorable little Maggie (well, that became her name once she was home in Va) back to her new home in Virginia. It was a ton of fun traveling with the girls and being able to shower Kaylee a little early! Those southern women sure do know how to put a baby shower together - although Christie and I did learn, you don't actually eat the food at these things, so we dived in!! 

Here are some pics from the trip!

Where's the road man?

And then there was snow!

And then sunshine and cows . . . we must have been in Alabama! :)

Then I got to meet my Mags!!! (Well, Riley)

I had to see what all the hype was about this place!

Stuffing her face pre-shower!


And the shower begins!!