Haughton Maternity | Yorktown, Virginia


I am so excited for Alex and Lauren - I am beyond excited for Alex and Lauren and I praise God everyday for getting them to this point in their lives. For years this couple has dreamed of a child of their own to hold and love and raise, and for a few years now this has been a struggle. Lauren gave birth to their daughter Kendall on our wedding day at around 20 weeks (I'm not too certain the exact week). It was a sad day, this precious little one would never get to experience this world and experience the love her parents have for her and these parents would never get to watch her grow up, teach her how to sing her ABC's or how to ride a bike. But God, as amazing as he is, saw them through that trial, allowed all of us around them to be there for them, and here we are today as they prepare to welcome their second baby girl, Kaylee Grace into this world. I have been praying and holding my breathe constantly, anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little girl and I am honored that I was able to capture these photographs of this growing little family. I love you Lauren and Alex, and Kaylee Grace!!