Apple Picking | Personal

Every year Nick and I venture up to Carter Mountain in Charlottesville, Virginia to go Apple Picking. It's a nice little day trip and we get to venture around the mountains of Virginia, something that we really enjoy doing. This past weekend we went up there with our friends Alex and Lauren, and their daughter Kaylee Grace. Last year Lauren went up there with us but poor Alex had to work, so he missed all the fun! A lot of things had changed there since last year, and I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. So after we were done at Carter Mountain we drove along the Parkway, which was quite an adventure, but I will spare you all the details! 

I just love the mountains though! There is something peaceful about driving through them and seeing the rest of the world from their point of view. You get to see the true beauty that God created, he truly is an artist and looking from a mountain top sure is proof of that! Here are some photos from our day. 

I mean seriously, how amazing is this view!