The Uhler's | Fort Monroe, Virginia


This past Friday I met up with a wonderful family, the Uhler's. Nick and I know Ross and Emily from our church, Grace Baptist Chapel. They are wonderful people and a joy to be around. Emily and I had been discussing their session for a week or so, and she really wanted to do a beach session since they were stationed so close to one. At first we discussed Yorktown, but the more I thought about it, I figured Fort Monroe might be a better fit. You get the beach aspect of Hampton Roads and you get the historical aspect of this great fort. 

So I met up with them and their five wonderful little ones (well some are not-so little). We snapped some shots along the beach, taking a few quick and impromptu breaks here and there as two little ones made a break for the waves, and then continued once they had been captured. After we finished up at the beach we ventured over to explore inside the moat and let their four boys loose. I think that part of the shoot was perfect for them! They are such a fun family, full of laughter and jokes and it made this what could have been an intimidating session due to size, so, so easy to do! Here are a couple of shots from that day.