2 Years | Personal


Today marks two years since my Dad passed away. Saying goodbye to him and admitting that he is gone is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. There are still days where I go to pick up my phone to call him and tell him something exciting, or to talk to him about something I just read or something I saw on the news. Sometimes I can't believe it has really been two years and then there are other times where I can't believe, wow, it has only been two years, because sometimes it just feels like so much more! He's missed a lot in the past two years, I've missed having him there for a lot in the past two years. I don't believe it gets easier, it may just get easier to cope with. Who knows, part of me truly hopes not because I do value those moments when I want to talk to him, it allows me a little bit of time to remember the 24 years that I did have with him. 

So in honor of today being the day, and in honor of all things I loved about my Dad and loved to do with my Dad, here are some pictures of Bacon's Castle I took this past Sunday while in Surry. I loved traveling with my Dad and visiting different places, and he would have enjoyed this little stop to wander around. I'll also be spending the day watching Gods & Generals!

Did I mention I got to spend my morning with this little cutie . . . 

and his sweet momma brought me a Pumpkin Spice Latte to cheer me up! 

How could I be sad with amazing friends like that in my life!