Welcome to the Vandiver Winter Wonderland | Yorktown, Virginia


I love photographing the Vandiver and Davidson kiddos, they are all so photogenic! Since the last session they have grown by one little red head. Ron and Diann are amazing people and I'm honored that they trust me with their family pictures when they get both of their children and all of their grandchildren together, it actually puts a ton of pressure on me! Diann loves Christmas, so it was the perfect time to do their pictures - as Thanksgiving wrapped and she finished decorating for Christmas. When I arrived, she told me she saved one tree for all of the kids to decorate and each kid minus baby Mags had a bucket of ornaments to place on the tree - I think Grandma will be adjusting those ornaments sometime soon. Ron and Diann also saved the snow on their Christmas Towne set up for the kids (this was A LOT of fun!). Here are some pictures from the afternoon.